Family law

Equalization: How to determine a spouse`s income for purposes of the Guidelines tables

The fact that the Guidelines allow a court to use discretion in imputing income to those who receive money from tax-exempt sources indicates that the framers of the Guidelines anticipated that some, but not all, of the tax-free funds received by individuals should be considered “income” under the Guidelines.

Child Support: A parent`s obligation to provide support for his or her child cannot be deliberately avoided. The court does not need to find a specific intent to evade child support obligations before income can be imputed to such parent.

The court is aware of a parent`s antics at attempts to fool the system when he/she stashes his/her wealth in things not easily identifiable by the other party. Nonetheless, such parties do not easily get away with their dubious actions.

Child Protection: Issues with Children`s Aid Society?

As part of its duty to act with fairness and reasonableness in carrying out its statutory responsibilities, a society must exercise good faith, due diligence and reason in its investigations. A society is not free to assume that “if there is smoke, there must be fire”.

Nowhere is a society authorised, in the name of the powers entrusted to it by the legislature, to ignore or trample on a parent`s rights. A child`s road to becoming a crown ward ship is like a slope

Importance of cleaning the snow on your sidewalk: be aware of your new culture

You can take proactive steps to decrease the likelihood of slips and falls on your property. Some steps that you can take include:

  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Use slip-resistant rugs
  • Place a no-slip mat in your bathtubs
  • Install handrails to staircases
  • Add lighting near staircases
  • Provide lighting in any public areas of your home
  • Clear any obstructions from floors prior to allowing guests to enter your home
  • Reroute any cables that can be tripped over
  • Make repairs to loose floorboards or other flooring surfaces
  • Fix cracks in staircases
  • Replace flooring with surfaces that are slip-resistant
  • Remove outdoor debris such as stones and tree branches

If you take these precautions and acquire home insurance that covers legal liability, you can help protect yourself from the financial devastation of a slip and fall lawsuit or from filing a home insurance claim