Family Retainer

What is covered by this retainer agreement
This is not a general agreement to represent you on all of your legal matters. Representation is limited to the matter or matters stated above. If you have another matter you would like help with, you will need to sign a separate retainer agreement. This agreement continues until your matter is completed or our attorney-client relationship ends. This agreement does not cover post-judgment matters or appeals, which would be new matters and require a new agreements. Occasionally, I will provide additional services for a client after a case is completed pursuant to a verbal agreement. If that occurs in your case, we will follow the terms of this agreement until or unless we enter into a new retainer agreement.

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Real Estate Retainer

This is a standard retainer agreement that I use with my residential real estate buyers. When clients call me, I discuss with them the legal matter they are calling to inquire about. If you would like to retain me you may simply copy and paste this agreement onto a Microsoft Word document and e-mail or fax it to me with your name, address and telephone number. When I receive it I will call you for a consultation.

Download Estate Retainer form